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MOT - Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle practice that looks at the body as a whole and includes:

  • Osteo Articulations (Joint Movements)
  • Fascia Remodeling (Connective Tissue) is everywhere in the body and connects everything together, bones, organs, muscles which are held and connected through the fascia.
  • Craniosacral Therapy - Spinal fluid in the cranium, spine and sacrum
  • Lymph Drainage - Toxin removal
  • Visceral Manipulation - Organ adjustments

Through gentle manipulation, the body is restored to balance and proper functioning.

What is Osteopathy?

Manual Osteopathic Therapy is the practice of identifying and REVERSING mechanical shifts and physiological interferences that occurs in the body over time. It’s a system of therapeutics in which “natural forces” is utilise for healing.

Osteopathic medicine is a philosophy, a science and an art, and it aims at restoring balance within the body and incorporates multi-disciplinary technique. Under the umbrella of Manual Osteopathic therapy, you will find Craniosacral therapy, Visceral manipulation, Fascia remodeling, Osteoarticulations and Lymph drainage.

The above mentioned modalities are strategically used in conjunction or on their own to provide clients with a whole rounded treatment.

Also, each treatment is specifically designed and altered to client needs to promote and restore balance within and allow natural healing.

Craniosacral Therapy

Looking for a very calming & soothing treatment, look no further.

Craniosacral is a beautiful gentle light touch healing therapy that was developed by Dr. Sutherland in the 1800 to assess and re-balance the rhythm of the craniosacral system (cranial bones, meningeal membranes, cerebrospinal fluid protecting the brain & spinal cord along with the intracranial vascular system). Craniosacral focus on breaking down adhesion and restrictions within the primary respiratory system of the central nervous system and allow the immune system to do what it does best…. Balance and heal itself.

Most of Craniosacral techniques can be done on the head with some technique requiring light touches at various location on the body such as the sacrum, pelvis, abdomen or thorax but also not limited to those area. The therapist’s light pressure touch guides the body into letting go of tension area therefore allowing restoration & healing to happen.

Craniosacral therapy is very beneficial and effective in the treatment of:

  • Concussion (brain support),
  • TMJD,
  • Headache,
  • Migraine,
  • Ear Ache,
  • PTSD,
  • Trauma,
  • Low Back Pain,
  • Anxiety,
  • Stress
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Nasal congestion and Much more….

Tried everything and nothing works, lets try Craniosacral!

Love your body & your Brain….Let’s Open our Mind & Heart to Healing!

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation means organs manipulation in its upmost raw definition. During our embryonic stage our organs was formed following and expansion movement from the umbilical cord. Throughout our life our body goes through stressful traumatic events causing disruption in this natural flow of mobility and motricity to our organs. Visceral manipulation aims at restoring this beautiful flow that our organs need to function properly by using gentle nudging, manipulation and energy technique to kickstart our organ back into life!

Fascia Remodeling

Fascia is the biggest organ within our body and connects everything within. Think small or big, there is your fascia holding one thing to another together from your eyeball to your pinky toe, almost crazy to think but true. Fascia plays an amazing role in holding us up straight and functioning at our best. Had a traumatic event such as MVA (motor vehicle accident), Whiplash or Emotional trauma, chances are your body is holding tension somewhere in its beautiful connective tissue called the fascia. Feeling deep tension in your muscles and in general such as low back pain…let me put it this way; fascia remodeling treatment could be your best friend. Fascia remodeling is gentle but yet very effective in restoring mobility within the body allowing you to feel at ease with every move!


Articulation, how could we move without this wonderful intricate combination of bones and soft tissue? Barely or not at all. In Manual Osteopathic therapy, Osteoarticulations main purpose is to restore proper fluid movement within one bone and another at various joint and articulation throughout the body and reduce stressor loads both on soft and hard tissue. Osteoarticulations uses gentle passive or MET (Muscle Energy Technique) techniques to promote healthy joint movement. General Manual Osteopathic treatment treats the body as full unit using a thorough system to achieve total body wellness! And a Manual Osteopath can choose either a Global or Specific approach in its adjusting technique in restoring a functional dysfunction within the body. No matter the dysfunction, no job to small for a Global treatment and full make over!

Lymph Drainage

What is Lymph? The Lymphatic system is this brilliant cleansing system that runs everywhere within our body except where there is no blood circulation. There are a few exceptions to this latest revelation such as the cartilage tissue or most structures of the Central Nervous System to be a little more accurate. The Lymph Organs includes the Bone Marrow and Thymus as the Primary and Lymph nodes, Spleen & MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue) as Secondary. The job of the Lymph system is to carry waist out of the body, regulate fluid volume and pressure in the tissues, as well as carrying healthy substance throughout our body. When the lymphatic system becomes sluggish or over burden with toxic elements from our environment such as food, medication or polluted air just to mention a few, our body slowly fail at its natural ability to heal and cleanse and eventually develops ailments. By using specific gentle manipulating technique, the Lymph system is flushed of the toxins causing harms within and therefore helping the body into its natural homeostasis state of balance giving it a chance to heal itself once again.

Lymph drainage is gentle but yet strongly effective in restoring balance within as well as increasing immunity function.

Love your body and allow the healthy loving flow within.


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